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  1. well first time uploading a video, im not tech savy enough to deo it through the console, hope these help Call_of_Duty_4__Modern_Warfare_2022_01.27_-_06_17.39_01.mp4 Call_of_Duty_4__Modern_Warfare_2022_01.27_-_06_19_37_02.mp4
  2. Ty Gryphus I will check
  3. Player named Arche is wall hacking called admins and have reported, keep an eye out for him, I have tried recording demos before but have had issues finding them ,
  4. he just shot me through smoke no uav etc , looked at replay and it was dead nuts , no way he could see me
  5. thanks dragon, I have and repeat never have cheated and never will or would
  6. I was in game then got banned for wall hack, I have never ever cheated , im might talk crap but one thing I have never done is cheated,
  7. shazzam.dow


    would like to report a player by the name of DAD for giving away my position to the other team while he is spectate mode, telling them where im at, not cool at all its another form of cheating
  8. shazzam.dow


    yeah I was there as well, I did throw a couple momma didn't hug you enoughs at him but for the most part I was a good boy lol
  9. well I went and bought it and let me tell you what a cluster f it was to get the game downloaded, had to set up a blizzard account then an activision account then to dl the game, so far its a big disappointment, game for me just seems to lag bad, not very fluid, so far i'm regretting the purchase
  10. I will apologize myself for the curse words, I do let a couple go from time to time , so I will keep it to myself from now on
  11. player named Malware wall hacking bad , called an admin
  12. Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  13. I have been thinking about buying it, a couple of my Dow brothers have it and seem to like it just kinda attached to this one ,
  14. have anybody played the new modern warfare ? just wondering if its worth the money
  15. ur-salty is showing NadOrix how he is cheating by shooting into the air and its killing people not even close to the shots
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