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Just saying hey.


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Hey guys
My name is Kovic, i am not Russian lol, its a combination of my name and my pets name, Kolby+victor=kovic, most of you know me. I have played on your server for years, I am new to the forum and i just wanted to say hey. Heres is a little about me.
-I am a memer of BHC, Brotherhood clan - http://www.brotherhood-clan.com/
- 21 yrs old, junior at Grand Valley State University, major- exercise science, minor- business.
- i am a twin :d
- from Michigan
- love ping pong, baseball, weights
- avid airsoft player.
- enjoy mechanic work, ive rebuilt motors, done transmission etc, currently (but slowly) restoring my 1983 Jeep CJ5
- enjoy shooting guns, my fav is my bros Smith and Wesson 500
- i ride the unicycle [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]
well that all i can think of for now
You guys do a great job on the servor, you all show a lot of class, and that is rare these days. I just want to say i appreciate the work you all do. I also want to thank those of you who get my back when im accused of hacking, it really means alot. I want you to know you guys can trust me.
Thanks again for all you do
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Thanks lol, its my baby. I will have it forever. I am restoring it, keep it fairly original, it will have a slight lift though. larger tires. I am going to keep it a crisp black and white, no chrome ,chrome is weak lol. I have already rebuilt the motor. A lot will have to wait till after school. I will buy an aluminum body for it, so as to never rust. Every thing on it will be like new. It will be show worthy. AS for now, its a fun summer ride. ill have more pics up soon.

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NJ_RAY_123 wrote:
Hey Kovic,
is the CJ your only ride? or the cars that can be seen are yours too?

Both my brothers each have a 1972 chevy truck, I think thats what your seeing. My dad also has a 1981 ish chevy. My dad also has a 1965 A-100. And i also have a 1988 chevy truck. I used to have a 1995 oldsmobile, it was me first car, it was a grandma car. Here is a picture of it demise.... was a sad day lol.

burst in shames
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Haha oh i was just driving it lol. Transline broke, Car began to slow down, as the rpms went up. Smoke was behind me so i pulled off into a parking lot. I sat in the vehicle texting my classmates that i wouldnt make it. Then i look up and see the hood paint melting. So i hop out, look under the car and there are drips of fire coming down.

I was a a school parking lot, so i rushed to the office to tell them. They told me the lot security was off duty today!!! Then i told them more slowly and clearly that my car was on fire...... They called the 911 four times with no answer!!!

The fire department finally showed up, by that time there was a huge funnel of black smoke going up in the sky. They tried using a pry bar to get my hood open, then got a huge saw and cut it open, then put her out. She was totaled.....
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Oh yes! I only paid 850 for the car lol. But i had it 2 yrs and put maybe a 1000 of work into it. And i would park it in the summer and drive my jeep.

At the time of the fire i had on it only PLPD, which covers nothing lol......buuuuut, i forgot to take fire and theft off of it for when i had it in storage. So..... they gave me 3000 for it lol. I think thats the best way the car could have went.

A week before the fire i hit a bump and 3 of the 4 motor mounts broke lol, and the steering was jacked. So i fixed that, with some make shift parts from tractor supply lol. So the car was on it way out anyways, so its a blessing this happened.

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