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*PR!ME* Just Went Viral to YouTube !!!!


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You just posted portrait cam footage of Prime using a SAW, with full recoil. If you're having a hard time seeing it consider visiting an Optician, or using the gun yourself.

As for being "viral", only time will tell. As your first subscriber I look forward to this wild ride.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Gryphus you have 3 thousand posts in this server, I seen *PR!ME* on this server for while now, I am deducting you know the guy.

So you say No Hack, I say Hack, the video is there, people will take their own conclusions.

1:22 of the video is proof beyond doubt of cheat.

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1. government by the mob; mob rule; mobocracy.

We ban people that we can prove with viewable, verifiable proof are hacking. Something you have yet to provide, or for that matter, seem to understand.

You're not the first to try and get Prime or others before him banned unjustly, and based on these attempts you won't be the last either. If at some point we decide Mob Justice is the way things should be run here, you have my word you will be the first handed a torch and pitchfork.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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The way you threw yourself after her ! Look at yourself go ! Does Harvey know about you and his little bonny ? WHERE ARE THEY !? you didn't let me a choice, WHERE ARE THEY !? You gonna have to chose between one's life or the other, your friend the District Attorney or his wife to be HA-HI-HA-HU-HA YOU HAVE NOTHING ! NOTHING TO THREAT ME WITH ! NOTHING TO DO WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH ! Don't worry I am gonna tell you where they are both of them ! and that's the point you'll have to chose he is at 250 52nd Street and she is ahhht on Avenue X .
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Well, this has been quite an adventure to read. HackerHunter I know this might blow a few holes in your hyper-edgy dark knight hero called Captain Cringe but the person you are reporting is someone I have personally banned before (for other reasons), so I have no qualms about dispensing bans where bans are due. However, I have never once banned prime for hacking and that is simply because he is not. You like to use favoritism as a reason for why everyone other than yourself is wrong instead of just accepting one of two realities.

1. You are wrong.

2. You are not wrong, but your video proved nothing.

So, instead of crying into your keyboard about perceived online injustices in an old FPS game, how about you accept that some players are just better than you are at cod. What makes your opinion far less valid is that your only justification as to why he ought to be banned is to accuse a server that takes pride in the equal application of all rules, of favoritism. So how about you stop acting like a child who got his candy taken away just because we didn't treat you like the reigning authority on hackers that we know you are not.

There are 50 other players just like you HackerHunter, you are neither the hero we deserve nor the one we need right now you cringy fuck.

High tolerance for bullshit.

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1. Disclose the (other reason) why he was banned, you open this door and now I want to fully pass through it, lairs are all the same if they wrong in one area there are more wrongs to be found. See how we getting somewhere ? Oh and not story making I wanna know the truth, if you don't wanna disclose publicly send me a message.

2. My video clearly shows a red dot that doesn't move a whole lot, although the gun seems to move there is something very odd with the way the red dot moves.

3. You even have a whole little text ready to go making fun of whoever accuses this person of hacking which was sent to me by Grypus_1 which I understand is one of your admins, here is text http://www.net-jam.com/forums/m/414052/viewthread/23492965-prme/post/103320285#p103320285 SOOOO, if you don't like to be accused of favoritism it would help not be sending those out, it might intimidate some 17 year old but not me. Oh, and by the way I also seen someone accusing Prime of hacking mid game and this Grypus_1 jump in the chat to defend him right away just like Batman through himself outta the window for Rachel, it was pathetic to watch.

4. Yes! the videos will be in portrait style ok, I need to show the persons nickname, who they are killing, and make sure I am not being detected by the hacker while recording because I think the hacker could get a warning signal as I already explain. So stop criticizing that, is not working to intimidate me.

5. I sent to you a list of a number of hacks that cannot be detected, you even read it ? Recently while playing in another server a hacker came in and started trolling, shooting through walls, head shots, auto aim the usual hacker troll, funny thing was that the guy was getting kicked by the admins there just jump back in and take other legit player's nicknames and use as his own and continue with the trolling. Now with this hack I just described you wanna tell me there is no possibility Prime is hacking ?

6. Is going to be difficult to for me to catch him now, he knows I am putting in time to catch him, he's not going to be using any obvious hack from now on, but you really should respect people who comes here and accuses this guy because to me HE IS HACKING NO DOUBT and to you, you also know there is a good possibly that HE IS HACKING.

7. Old FPS online games is not the only place I seek to do justice, You don't even know what I am capable of doing to correct injustices made to the innocent.
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Since you are so good at counting, I will number my post to match yours.

1. No. "You open this door and now I want to fully pass through it" (Hunter, 2017) and it is nice to want things. "You can't always get what you want" (Rolling Stones, 1969). I also have no interest in disclosing any of the specifics regarding his ban to you privately or otherwise. However, I did temporarily ban Prime for legitimate reasons entirely unrelated to his nature as a suspected hacker. You can decide if you believe me or not, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn" (Gone with the Wind, 1939)

2. "My video clearly shows a red dot that doesn't move a whole lot, although the gun seems to move" (Hunter)....although the gun seems to move....gun seems to move....move. That is strange, why might a gun with supposedly no recoil, show recoil when firing? There are two non-mutually exclusive reasons for this. First, the player is not using No Recoil. Second, your video was useless. One or both of these things may play a factor here in reaffirming the reasons as to why we simply cannot ban this player based on the word of someone who has already demonstrated an understanding of the inconsistency in their own demo. Furthermore, even if his gun was "something odd with the way the red dot moves" (Hunter), we cannot ban players based on something that is "odd." Be reasonable about this, Hunter. What good would our server be if we banned every player that looked "odd." I get you want to help, and we appreciate people who care about hackers but not if all they are going to do is aimlessly cry over our forums and contribute nothing. You took a demo, your demo failed, it happens to both players and admins, just they are mature enough to move on afterward.

3. People who have to tell other people they are not intimidated are usually intimidated. Prime posted a sarcastic post on our forums because he got tired of the same few players reporting him. The joke being, that those players are usually not nearly as good as he is, and typically camp in areas that prime finds them since they never move. So when he kills those kids camping, they cry that he is a hacker. I am sure Gryphus sent that to your unintimidated self so that way you could perhaps connect the proverbial dots and perhaps find that you are far less unique than your mom said you were.

4. I don't personally care about how the demo was taken, so long as it is watchable. Again, maybe if you say you are not intimidated a little louder you might convince yourself. Although, I assure you intimidation is probably not the strategy that we are taking over an online video game forum. Meaning all you did was intimidate yourself since none of that was an intention of ours.

5. Look I like anecdotes as much as the next idiot but your issues with hackers on some other server hardly qualify as something worth noting. Yes we all read your post, it was pretty fun. Thank you for making us aware of all of the undetectable yet extremely obvious hacks that people can see clearly such as "Autofire so bot fires for you with no delay" (Hunter). See these "undetectable" hacks are all things people can detect using the newest technology called EY-es. See we have the latest in EY-es technology and have yet to come across an "undetectable" hack.

6. Yes, I am sure Prime is deathly afraid of your watchful eye. If you get a conclusive demo of him hacking I will happily declare you as the reason for his permanent ban from our server. Until that fateful day comes, he will remain on our server as the legitimate player he is.

7. "You don't even know what I am capable of doing to correct injustices made to the innocent" (Hunter), this is my new favorite copypasta. I am sure there is a subreddit for you somewhere.

8. <---- Look how high I can count, too! Hunter, you need to understand that you posted a demo that was rejected on validity. The response should not be to complain for multiple pages worth of text about your demo regardless of how good you think it is. The point still stands that we are not banning anyone based on the demo you posted. I know you fancy yourself some hooded warrior because you were not allowed to climb trees with the other kids as a child, but you can take your Anonymous mask off now. Since you have contributed nothing for quite some time, we are done letting you plague the report forums. This thread will be locked. Do not make any more threads unless you have a valid reason to do so.

9. "People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." I love this post because it demonstrates your inability to introspect on multiple levels. "Don't Like, Don't Care."

10. "People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." I love this post because it demonstrates your inability to introspect on multiple levels. "Don't Like, Don't Care."

11. "People don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed." I love this post because it demonstrates your inability to introspect on multiple levels. "Don't Like, Don't Care."

High tolerance for bullshit.

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I won't bother explaining the minutia of how, and to what degree you're wrong with Prime's "no recoil" or the other "undetectable" hacks because frankly, if you were to actually listen, I don't think you would understand.

As you seem to have donned the persona of the Caped Crusader on Ritalin; have you ever left your basement long enough to consider the fact that maybe you're the one conducting a witch hunt against someone who is innocent? Or are you so confident in your righteous search for justice that it never even crossed your mind?

You're clearly not getting anywhere here. So why not take your, enthusiasm shall we say, somewhere where it will be more appreciated. I'm sure a place exists, somewhere...

Thread locked.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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