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Going forward we will be handling glitch abuse evenly across the board. Using glitches of any kind is officially against the rules. If a player is caught abusing a glitch, they will be warned. If they refuse to acknowledge the warning, moderators and admins will kick the offending player. If it becomes clear that a repeat offender has absolutely no intentions of following Net-Jam rules at all then admins and moderators will issue a permanent ban.

Scroll-firing is also now officially disallowed and we will be following the same procedure listed above.

"Don't quote my quotes!" -Fruits

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So Rattle, I take it only mods and admins can warn players when they see them glitch or scroll in the NJ server(s). All other NJ members should record and post and wait for an admin/mod to take action?

I'm asking so it's crystal clear.
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Rattle I would have thought all NJ members have a responsibility abide-by and to enforce the NJ server rules. How the offending player is dealt with is really the only difference (member records and post's in the forums and mods/admins can kick & ban on the spot).

I also think it is a poor reflection on the clan if a player is breaking the rules and a NJ member doesn't say anything. What does that say to other players in the server?
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Nothing, that's the idea. Since regular NJ members have no ability to concretely enforce rules with bans and kicks its futile to task them with trying to enforce server rules at all. Feel free to inform people what the rules are, if necessary, but regular NJ members have neither the responsibility nor the admin permissions to enforce NJ rules.

I'd much rather have a member say nothing and simply alert an admin as opposed to attempting to chastise or punish rule breakers.

"Don't quote my quotes!" -Fruits

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I've appliedv the common sense rule to certain situations that might need an immediate response from an NJ member. Case in point, two players were insulting one of our longtime players, Irene, a couple days ago. I simply typed in something akin to "Please be nice to the other players", and they both compled. Unfortunately Irene had already left but going forward, the two players stopped their immature banter. My thought was that people have feelings and I can't just sit there as an NJ member and not say anything. Also very recently, a long-time player suddenly skimmed the surface of racism - started on about something about 'Mexicans' and I simply typed in something similar to "No racist comments please' and that was the end of that (other than a couple more smart alec type questions from the user - which I just ignored. I think some long-time players 'crack' once in awhile and will say or do something that goes against their usual persona but I also think some of us non-admin NJ members have garnered the other player's respect as long as certain situations are dealt with some chat tact.

I can record/post instead going forward, but for the record I don't fully agree with your assessment from your reply, specifically:
"...its futile to task them with trying to enforce server rules at all. "

I don't think it's a futile endeavor to at least say something then record/post. This is just an idea, but I think the key is to at least say something tactfully one or two times, then see the effect it has on the offending player. If successful, situation is resolved and the non-admin NJ member demonstrates, and possibly increases, the strength and perception of NJ's overall good character to offending and other rule-abiding players. If not, then the record/post step could be taken. Since the auto-filter gives a player 3 chances to rememdy an offense, then perhaps the same policy could be taken with non-admins stating something twice then record/post?

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Hey Turbo.

In my opinion what you did is correct. When there are no admins on the server it is nice to know that someone is looking out for fellow members to ensure that they are having an enjoyable game. There will be things that you will not be able to deal with on the occasion. When this comes about we would greatly appreciate it if you could record and post the the forums.

Also if it come to it and you feel that someone is blatantly ignoring server rules and harassing / bullying other players we would appreciate it if you could either take down they name, screenshot the conversation or record their conversation for review.

Thanks again.

- Cyph3r

Send nudes

""""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle" - Gryphus_1" - Quesadios

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I couldn't agree more Turbo. Your two examples where great and exactly what I was trying to point out. I think if we all approached players who were walking a fine line then at least we've done something to pull them back in to line before taking further action. It also shows other players on the NJ server that we will take action when required. Otherwise they will just wait until no admins are around and then be disrespectful to other NJ members and players.

It's really good to discuss this and and I'm glad Turbo gave those two examples. Thanks also Cypher for your thoughts and adding further context.

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I don't equate asking someone nicely to stop doing something to "enforcing server rules". Anyone, member or not, is free to make tactful requests of other users. What should be avoided are demands/orders because regular members have no way of enforcing any rules-related demands that they make.

This means that regular members should not be issuing warnings to other players for not following the rules or announcing that they are arranging temp bans for other players. These would be things that admins and admins alone should be doing. Once again, if someone is breaking the rules and are not receptive to tactful REQUESTS (as in NOT demands or warnings), then simply take a demo and alert an admin.

"Don't quote my quotes!" -Fruits

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Sounds like everyone's on the same page :) Really nice to hear that members are being proactive in doing what they can to point out the rules and suggest they are followed, good stuff Turbo!

In these situations, 99 times out of 100 the compliance of players derives from the way we phrase our requests. Tactful, friendly approaches are the way forward, as a couple of you guys have pointed out already!

Keep it up lads,

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Rattle I think you're hung up on the word "enforce" so here's the definition (and the way I interpret it):

compel observance of or compliance with (a law, rule, or obligation).

So asking someone nicely to abide by the rules is in fact enforcing them by definition. I agree, me trying to issue a warning was absolutely the wrong thing to do. I admitted my wrong doing at the time and will continue to do so for as long as it takes.
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I don't know if you realize this, SPAZZA, but you're contradicting yourself here. Using your definition of enforce, to compel observance of or compliance with, in conjunction with the definition of compel, to force or oblige (someone) do to something, by asking someone nicely to abide by the rules you're in no way compelling them to abide by them and therefore not enforcing the rules. You aren't enforcing the rules until you start taking action to require them to follow the rules, such as issuing warnings which may lead to kicks or bans.


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Hey LuNaR,

I see your point and agree compel is to force. I was coming at it from an urge rather than force point of view. All we really want is for people to observe and complying with the rules. If you ask nicely (without issuing warnings eg. kick, ban, etc...) and they comply then that's a good outcome. If they don't then all we (non admins) can do record and post it in the forms.

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