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  1. Hey! here to request a review of British Slut. I really believe this person is a hacker but would prefer a higher authority on them.
  2. Thanks turbo and you make a really good point. I have been watching a ton of these extremely skilled guys/gals the last week and i have made a few demos myself. Even picked up a few new tricks as well. They are keeping me busy!
  3. well i hate creek but love all the rest.
  4. Omlette

    El Balazo

    Banned via watching in game. Thanks Nasty.
  5. Omlette

    =MGM= reaktor

    LOL always worth a laugh
  6. Thanks all! Very happy to be here.
  7. Omlette

    phew wh

    Waba got him thanks.
  8. Omlette

    phew wh

    Sorry, but you have to be patient when waiting for his hacks to shine. Thanks admins.
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