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Camping Permits

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We are instating a new policy to limit camping, with Camping Permits.

From this day* forward, you will be required to purchase a Permit if you don't wish to be harassed and "camp shamed" for your "life choices".


$10.00 - 1 Month Camping Permit

$17.50 - 2 Month Camping Permit

$25.00 - 3 Month Camping Permit

$45.00 - 6 Month Camping Permit

$80.00 - 12 Month Camping Permit

$150.00 - Lifetime Camping Permit

Paypal link.

*April 1st

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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This some faggot shit

Lead Anchor and primary Reporter of the Net-Jam News Network, reporting what's important, not necessarily true!

Send unto me the finest burnt cheeses, and I shall bless your nachos, your quesadillas, your enchiladas, your first born child.

"""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle" - Gryphus_1

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Once the full economic impact of collected camping fees is realised through benefits to the Net-Jam socio-industrial juggernaut there will need to be a balance established between the financial load of "campers" and non campers. A simple scale of automatically collected "roaming" fees can be applied to non campers equalizing the financial burden.
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