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DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error

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First windows 8.1 wanted to update, then dragon eventually updated it. Then laptop wireless didn't work and skyrim kept on blinking/flashing, even the steam overlay did too. Dragon's friend tried to fix this by uninstalling my driver and wireless adapter or something and reinstalling both. suddenly both wireless worked and skyrim stopped blinking. Then cod4 had an error: "DirectX has encountered an unrecoverable error" comes up. Looking through forums on google (mostly comes up with ppl with the same problem for advanced warfare), no help was found. After trying to reinstall directX, program said directX is already downloaded and did not need to be replaced. No idea how to uninstal it though. Now dragon cant play cod until dragon's find a soultion .w.

Has anyone out there encountered this before or know the solution to this?
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I'd reinstall your video drivers. Completely. Meaning when you uninstall them all your pc should boot back up in like 800x600 if it's done right.

Then reinstall your video drivers to the latest.

I never had any problems with Windows 8. I love it. Hope you get it resolved man it's a nice OS once you make it boot up into windows mode at startup :p




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