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SALADonPCin1080p - now running Windows on a Mac

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Last night I managed to install Windows 8.1 on an external SSD running thunderbolt connection, so in theory I can now run PC games off my mac.

This was one giant leaf for salads, and one small step towards more gemming.

If there are any mac users out there who want some help or advice on how to set this up, let me know, if I can work it out, it's not hard.

The hardest part was slugging through pages of forums on how to get it set up, and deciding which way was the best approach. In the end I tried the most simplest method first and it worked.

Having said that, I haven't taken the next step of actually installing and trying to run any games - but the OS seems to have installed fine, and switching between mac and Windows is very simple.

Any recommendations on Steam games to download that are PC only, pls list them below : )

~ salad(s)

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I've taken the time to describe some of my favorites. It may be sort of a long read, if not interested in the description just pay attention to the bold letters in my reply.

CS:GO - If you like competitive games, Counter Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO for short) is about as competitive as it gets. Totally different playstyle from the CoD series, frequent updates and loads of support from the community as far as mods and maps go. I've put countless hours into this game in Competitive play because the replay value is so high. Loads of support from global competitive leagues like ESL, CEVO, and ESEA. It's (Counter Strike) definitely the most supported and played competitive FPS in history. You've probably heard of it, but it's worth a mention. The only problem with it is if you haven't played it, the chances are you're going to suck big time because people have been playing the Counter Strike series since 1999. If this game appeals to you and you want to try it out and need help, feel free to ask me anything. I have a lot of resources available.

Metro Series - If single player is more you like it, Metro 2033 is one of my favorites. They also came out with a sequel, Metro: Last Light, which is also great. They also have "Redux" versions and you can snag both redux versions of the games for $50 ($49.98) USD. It's based around post apocalyptic Russian metros where you fight both humans from other factions in the metros and demons/aliens from another void. There are twists and turns in the plot, side quests, and easter eggs here and there. Very good game if you have the power to run it. I was struggling back when I had a Nvidia GTS 250 and a Quad core AMD 955 BE OC'd to 3.8GHz, but it was still playable enough to get me through the first game without much lag. This was on medium settings.

ArmA Series (2-3) - This game is awesome. A lot of people hate on it, but it's as close to actual combat than anything else on the market. The game itself was made as a military sim for other countries (higher end versions of the game/program). Loads of community support for maps and mods. This series is what the game "DayZ" was made in when it was just a mod. You will spend a lot of time running in this game. The maps are gigantic. Depending on the server you will have an entire arsenal of weapons and vehicles to help transport you and aid you in fighting in PVE or PVP. There's a great bunch of guys that play this game called ShacTac. They are the most coordinated and experienced players I've seen play this game and they have a load of fun. Their videos on YouTube reflect on how great these games are (ArmA 2 and ArmA 3). If interested, check out Dslyecxi on youtube. He's a former US Marine who plays like it in game. Amazing to watch and also an amazing pilot.

DayZ Standalone - I don't care what Mini says, this game is amazing. Open world/sandbox zombie survival game where you have to loot your own supplies to stay alive. You literally spawn with a flashlight, shoes, a tshirt, and pants. It's both PVP and PVE. This game runs off the engines between ArmA 2 and 3. Bohemia has offered 10 years of support for this game. 10 YEARS. It's updated nearly monthly with either hotfixes or new content. With that being said, the game is still in Alpha, but runs smooth if you have a good system and the glitches usually get fixed within a week or two. It's a work in progress, which a lot of people don't get before hitting the "Ok" button signifying that the game is not complete yet and is not perfect before playing the game itself. Before with the DayZ mod for ArmA 2, it was basically a military sim with loot tables where you ran around and shot people. The direction the developers want to go with DayZ Standalone is more of a harsh world where you're going to die soon and horribly unless you are either a) incredibly lucky or b ) know your stuff. This is to combat the "running around shooting people for their loot" sort of mindset. It's still going to be there, but there's going to be less groups of 6 people fully geared running around killing ungeared people. Diseases. Sickness. Starvation. Broken bones. Basically the most realistic survival game there is at the moment. You either love it or hate it..besides all the running. Everyone hates how much you have to run in this game, but that's because the world is absolutely huge. Countless hours of fun. I've probably put over 1.5k hours in on the mod alone back in ArmA 2. Met a lot of good friends along the way that are still around. You will probably want to play this with a friend or two. If not, it's still fun. I still remember the days where I started out on my own running around the woods by myself. The feeling of being alone in a world that is trying to kill you is amazing. No other game made me feel like this game does.

Payday 2
Red Orchestra 2
Sniper Elite V2/V3
Team Fortress 2
Civilization 5
Don't Starve
The Witcher 2/3
Portal (1 and 2)
Lords of the Fallen
Deus Ex
Borderlands (1-2)

This is all I have for now. I may update it later. This should give you a few games to check out hopefully.




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Dude! thank you so much for writing all that, very interesting to read. It sparked my interest again in some of those. I've got some game trailers to watch now : )

As some people know, I'm privately obsessed with DayZ even though I've never played it... I've watched Frankie's series on it, love those videos. Hearing your thoughts on stand alone has got me interested again, as I wasn't hearing the best things about it, but you've put it back on my radar.

I think I might have to give CSGO a try too.

~ salad(s)

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It's not a complete game yet. Yes, it's been a mod on a different engine for years now. The standalone has been in alpha since nearly a year or so ago.. But it's getting there. And it's great if you have some perserverence here and there. It's hard worrying about so many things to stay alive but that's why it's so successful. Nobody has accomplished what DayZ has.

I'm glad i could help. Originally I had a few more typed out but I figured I didn't want to have you read a book about games when trailers can summarize some of them better than I could In nearly the same time it would take you to read it. I can only give my opinions.

Also, if you use Origin, there are some good games on there too. If you don't know what Origin is, it's basically EA's version of Steam.




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