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"Pale Rider" banned for "Slumming"? WTF rule is that!?


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Was kicked last night for "slumming", whatever that means.

Was banned today for "slumming".

I've had a run in with one or your admins a month or so who was doing something that caused my player to shake and lock up (whatever that is). Then he kicked me. When I asked why, he said "because it's fun".

My reply was the same as last night - "kiddie admins".

There was a time before the SB forum shut down that the Netjam COD4 server dwindled from a packed house to just a few players, when I started playing here again. If the admin's run wild, or the hackers run wild, then netjam will die like SB did, and like it was a few months back.

I don't hack, run scripts, or do anything other than a native COD4 game.

If you don't want me on the server, hey, it's your server, don't bother unbanning me; I'm gone.

Otherwise, I'd appreciate being unbanned.

In any case, I'd suggest you control your kiddie admins, as well as the hackers.


Scott (a.k.a. Pale Rider)
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Dear Pale Rider,

I've taken the time to go back and collect a small sampling of some of your greatest hits.
02/25/2015 (02:52): man....this server has me doing nothing but runnign from my team
02/20/2015 (11:32): FUCKING goddamn wallhacks..
01/26/2015 (11:44): i'm done with this shit...goodnight
01/23/2015 (18:03): i guess NJA's standards hit rock bottom
01/21/2015 (15:10): cya all.. i gotta run off to a server with rules
12/11/2014 (23:27): this place is a f--king waste.. bye all
12/10/2014 (19:27): fuck you all..bye
11/05/2014 (16:53): fuck this shit..
02/15/2014 (00:18): fuck NJA

Someone could almost get the impression that you don't enjoy playing here. Why would that be Pale? It's not that long ago that you were saying things like:

10/13/2014 (18:17): IF YOU don't like the server, well you have alternatives
08/17/2014 (11:38): learn the meaning of the term, GUEST
08/17/2014 (11:37): nja is a religion

It's certainly not like you stopped coming back, since we are after all, "such a f--king waste". But then you wouldn't have the opportunity to take part in your favorite pass-time (not CoD4 obviously), accusing people of hacking.

According to the rough tally I've just done, in the last 6 months you have accused 243 people of "hacking". The one thing consistent about all of them, is that in almost every case you were 100% wrong. Seriously, how can you be wrong about an aimbot?

A few of the more entertaining ones:
You accused NJA-minidelmacho of Wallhacking.
You accused NJA-milSpec of No Recoil.
You accused NJA-Viper-9 of Perma UAV.
You accused NJA-MRFUZZY of Wallhacking.
You accused me of No Recoil.
You accused NJA-Fruits of Wallhacking.
You accused a 13 year old boy who was on Teamspeak with us of Wallhacking (who I don't think ever even had a positive score).
You accused Jason, Doge, Showgirl, royjoy, Broaddus, Rattle... etc.

The list goes on and on. Royjoy is my favorite though, you accused him of walling and then tried to recruit him as an admin on Server Bob. The same server that kicked you out as admin (no idea why that happened)!

So why were you banned? Consider it us, saving you, from yourself. Or us raising our standards. Whichever you prefer.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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You obviously have a long memory. Didn't miss a thing.

So you were the "God" here who banned me? My "omissions" go all the way back to the SB server, too? Nothing personal, right? No grudge or ax to grind?

I don't recall saying a word the game I was banned from - I might have, but don't think so. It was just "bam" - gone - but again, you have that long memory, which justified anything you felt like doing.

Ok, thx for the explanation and rendition of every word I ever said, and of course, that no one else has ever said.

As to the specifics about who I accused where and when, we'll I'll just take your word on it. After all, why would you be less than honest, since you bear me no grudge?

It was nothing personal, right?

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Were I the omnipotent being you claim, wouldn't that make me above petty grudges?

There is no grudge against you, it's just simply a time where enough is enough. Did you really think that being consistently loud mouthed, arrogant and rude to everyone would never have any consequences? That's completely ignoring the enormous amount of time admins have wasted spectating people who weren't (and never were) hacking, that you incessantly called out despite being told you were wrong.

Don't act like you were never warned as well, my "long memory" will have no problem finding every single time.

Goodbye Pale, I hope you take this as time for an attitude adjustment, otherwise you may end up in a similar situation before too long.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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The amazement of the assumption we were not always aware of the behaviour.
We were overly aware of your presence, yet we took a consensus and leave you to do your "thing" I guess that thing was behaving as if you were the god of CoD4 (a simple simulation of a real world situation may I add)... Which was highly entertaining with a glass of booze I do assure. There was never any malice or ill intent. Simply entertainment of your over use of the word HACKS, Bull.... etc etc.. I believe bets were placed on when you arrive to how long the first call would be... but either way. We never wished ill upon you, only sighed and let you continue. And then one day someone made you a "god" a most interesting day but still we (including I) were supportive but then the "CoD4 God" started to punish those innocent and things well... I never took issue to the accidental ban of myself and a friend under alias, which for some reason is why you think I hate you? either way I don't care but we all know how that ended up after you were made a "god". But still we welcomed you with wide arms. But your kept returning even after we asked NICELY (over and over...) to be polite...and patient... and respectful you seem to only know how to be rude, smear us all with slander, and malcontent and behaviour reminiscent of that of a school yard child. And having spent a abundant amount of time in-game with you...well I was saddened. But still we welcomed you. And now here we are... the pin has dropped. We have all had our fill.

I wish you well... but one and all can only take so much...

...Distract And Destroy...

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