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A sweet farewell

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I'm leaving now on another deployment. Chances are i wont return for at least 7 months, but its been a fun one guys. I've enjoyed playing and sharing good times with all of you. Here's a nice little goodbye montage, hope you all enjoy.

P.S. if i do have a chance to use the internet it will probably only be within the forums. Internet connection and availability in Africa is not very accessible to say the least. But anyways i'll see you all when i return.

"Bambi Brutalizer" -Gryphus_1



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That's what I'm talking about right there man! Great edit. Definitely can see the improvement from your last ones. I really like how you synced the music up with the shots in some of the clips.

Be careful man. When you get back we'll have to go "bambi" hunting :)




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