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After remembering something that had happened several years ago, I decided to completely uninstall every trace of my graphics drivers.

This is a benchmark I took immediately before. Fresh boot, taking careful note of what was running.


A score mildly higher than an office computer and less than a modern $300 notebook.

I then uninstalled Catalyst Control Center and all of it's components, manually uninstalled two more AMD related programs. Then used Driver Wiper to scrub registry entries, residue files and any secondary/old ATI drivers. I rebooted, let Windows detect the hardware and install it's non AMD drivers, rebooted again and reran the benchmark. Identical conditions sans the AMD drivers.


That's with default drivers Windows installed, as opposed to the latest AMD issued drivers. I checked again for anything AMD/ATI related installed and found nothing.


After playing two maps in CoD4 (with my usual settings) I can hit a rock steady 125 FPS, as opposed to my usual 50-125. I can also read in-game text now.

It didn't fix anything else with my computer, but at least I get far better FPS.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Wut? Just kidding. Nice work Gryph. It just shows how messed up some drivers can be on certain systems. Very resourceful of you to do it and you are obviously very patient too. I would not have bothered to do all that. Glad to hear that you have better FPS now!


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