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Gaming on a macbook may seem like a good idea, now

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Macbook pro makes a much better gaming machine than that thinkpad. You can spend around the same amount of money as that Macbook Pro on a real "gaming laptop," but that will be filled with so many compromises...noise, thickness, heat - just look at some of these...http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-gaming-laptop/

If you're going all in on gaming - disregarding that in such a situation you might as well build yourself a tower pc - you might consider one of those gaming laptops. But as far as a great all around machine that has better graphics and performance, not to mention build quality, than all but the most expensive PC laptops, you can't go wrong with a 15+ inch Macbook Pro.
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Macbook pro makes a much better gaming machine than that thinkpad

lol elephant no one is going to equate a thinkpad as a gaming machine-a thinkpad is a great laptop for work. Plus macs are just shiny toys with a few bells and whistles just to look good ;)

And so the flame war begins anew.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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