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Thanks very much Kov! I'll bet you'd be great at it too! You should look into doing extras work in the Chicago area if you are close. They must shoot commercials around there. Some of the biggest US ad companies are in Chicago.

We were supposed to stagger around as if we were stunned and frozen. They even put makeup on our hands to look weather-worn (which didn't show at all). I'm embarrassed to say that I was an upper class passenger who survived :(


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Here's another one with "Western Boards" in Deadman's Gun. I climb onto the stagecoach at 4:53. The actress is Jo Beth Williams from Poltergeist.

Western Boards
I love it! Did you get to keep the outfit?
Keep em comin!
Wow, having the great honor to be friends with a flock of moviestars ;)
I'm afraid I didn't make it. Really cool.
Btw Eke I couldn't recognize your nose, can you comment?

- It's detachable - sometimes it's under my clothes, and sometimes it's out when I need it to breathe. Fresh air does a trunk good. But you can find trouble pretty easily waving that huge thing around in public. Makes normal people feel insecure, I guess.
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Thanks for watching Terror. You are not missing out on anything. Being in tv shows is not very well paid unless you are in a star role. You were smart and have a "real" job which to me is a true sign of being successful. Good for you Terror!

Elly, I did not get to keep the outfit. We showed up and were advised on what to wear by the wardrobe guys. The boots were usually still damp from the previous day or the last one who wore them...yeee.


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Lol, I want your autograph and your KDR Kovic!

Here is another one called "Chestnut Hero of Central Park". Yes, it's a dog movie. I am the sketch artist at 41:56. I showed up at 8:00 am, took photos of the girls and had to draw two large caricatures of them and the dog by 1:00 pm when the scene was shot. The girls are Makenzie Vega and Abigail Breslin. They were very polite and sweet.

Boards as Sketch Artist


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