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PC vs Mac

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Psshhhh. Paahleez. I would have some nice pics to post too if I knew how to post one. LOL. Macs are the way of the future, so please get with the program. Oh, and If you all care so much about gaming then go buy one of the new consoles that are out. I've owned several PCs (5 to be exact) since 1996 and all I can say is if you need a computer you can rely on then go buy a Mac. Please forward all your responses to Ruthless. Thanks. LOL.
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Excellent response, Outlaw. Unfortunately, I think we're just feeding the trolls. But ok, I'll bite. That video excellently illustrates the depth and breadth of creative and utilitarian functions this beautifully designed system has enabled anyone to partake in. I enjoyed watching it again. :d

In our modern (albeit 1st) world, where technology is near paramount to existence, I personally prefer to experience the world through the lens of a machine and system who's creators sweat the details and take pride in their creation. The number of like-minded people in the world who agree with me has been steadily increasing.
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But this reminds me of a monologue...I think it goes a little something like this.

"Here's to the Ruthless ones. The Salads. The Outlaws. The Elements. The ones who shoot you first. You can try to tube them, camp them, or aimbot them. Just about the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they'll fucking shank you. They'll flank the shit out of you and shoot you in the kneecaps. Cause they're crazy. And the ones who are crazy enough to think they can run up on your nooby campsite and slice you, are the ones who do."
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LOL! All i Can say, is if the "way of the Future" is paying 2 grand for crap, I don't want to get on board. I have had my Asus laptop since 06 and never once had a problem and it runs cod4 at a solid 125 fps, don't buy crappy computers and you wont have a problem.

My wife Had to buy a mac for design school, in the last few years she has had it, she has needed 4 new chargers, and it constantly freezes and blue screens. Also, in order to run the programs she needed to for school, she had to create a windows side. I think the school just thought they were going to have an edge with mac, so they switched everything to it and are now suffering the consequences .

Its just a fad. And a bad one at that.

Apple has suckered so many people.

However, since Mac users enjoy blowing money, Macs do make very nice targets [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0]


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Congratulations on the out of context review. Maybe I should clarify again, since she got it it has needed many new chargers, and freezes/blue screens. THEN for school she had to get a windows side.

This actually shows two downsides, its a faulty system. And it cannot even run rudimentary programs properly, so a windows side was needed to enhance it.

Sorry, I don't make much money, so your not going to convince me to waste what I do have, but if it makes you feel better. Your not the only sucker.

Nice try


PS. Love you
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Lol. It's unfortunate that your wife has had such a terrible experience with her mac and its "freezes/blue screens." I have to speculate that she must be rather unlucky with her unit / install. Even on Apple products, components do fail., and system files CAN get corrupted. However. I know many people, designers and creators of all stripes, who are content with OS X and the creative software available to it.

Being the go-to techie for family and friends (ugh), I can attest to Apple computers being much easier to troubleshoot. You would be very surprised how powerful OS X is without installing a damn thing.

I've never had a blue screen in OS X, though. I have a 6+ year old macbook pro that's still going strong. Even though the nature of progress is such that there are speed advantages to newer models, I would likely choose to buy my 6 year old laptop (for it's depreciated price) over a newer PC laptop of equivalent price, simply because the software is far and away superior (in my humble opinion) for everyday use.

Also the conventional wisdom of Apple products being more expensive, while true in SOME comparisons today, is greatly exaggerated. For example "ultrabooks" (LOL) that came out to compete with the redesigned macbook air....

If gaming is your priority, then perhaps neither a mac, nor even a pc laptop are your best bet. But historical and political obstacles between mac users and gaming are steadily melting away.

I use windows in a VM to deal with edge cases where I need to access a specific excel file with a specific outdated version of office in order to fit into the outdated workflow of the nonprofit where I intern.

I would use windows for a dedicated gaming PC (If I could afford it)

Love you too :d
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