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Since things are so fluid right now, I haven't done hardly any compatibility testing, however these are a few issues I am aware of.

Firefox: Very slight visual inconsistencies all-round.

Safari: No idea. Since it was the same as Chrome until recently it should be fine. However since Apple ended Windows support for Safari at 5.1.7, I have no way of knowing.

Opera: If anyone actually uses it let me know. I'm curious to see who would.

Internet Explorer: Completely and utterly broken. I will be blocking the site from IE9 and down shortly. If you are still using IE9, or heaven forbid, anything lower. Ask yourself why you're a terrible human being, and then go download an actual web browser.

Once things are a bit more locked down style wise, I will begin compatibility testing. Until then, let me know about any problems here.

Also, just looking at the site through the latest version of Chrome on an older, less-powerful notebook is giving me visual inconsistencies. So keeping in mind that many of the transitions and effects are hardware accelerated I would be very interested in knowing what changes there are across different environments.


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