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Regenesis Secret Santa Gift Exchange

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Let me preface this by saying sorry for the spam-ish first post here, but I assume I get a bit of a break :d

Otherwise you're more than welcome to blame Tig and Echo.... That's what I usually do anyways...

OK, so back on subject

I'd like to invite any and all Net Jam members to participate in our 1st annual Secret Santa gift exchange.

The idea is get a bunch of people that only really know one-another though COD, to randomly send each other Christmas gifts.

More information can be found here:

Hopefully we can all have fun and strengthen the bond between these two great communities!

[RE]SQUEAKS! - Regenesis Chief of Operations

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Hey NJA!

I will accept any blame. :) I did encourage Squeaks to invite you folks to our Secret Santa. Please know that this is not in fact random spamming of other clans. NJA and WYD are the only two places this invitation has been extended, outside of RE itself. We've enjoyed the many games our members have shared with yours, and we appreciate and respect the way you handle yourselves as players and as admins.

So please, understand that the invitation is personal and specific to YOU, and that it is genuinely and warmly extended. Take care, and have fun out there!

Regenesis Clan Director | TIGRCS on Origin, Steam, and XFire

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I told you you can blame Tig!

After reading my original post I apologize if didn't come off as clearly as possilbe. If takes a little while to figure out most of my writing is a tad bit facetious.

@ saladfingers

I'm planning this out as we go, but I think to ensure everyone gets packages on time, we will be sending gifts 2+ weeks ahead of time. I'm sure early is OK if that helps too.

@ Gryphus

I'm highly offended that none of you took the time to reply to this thread on the one on our site! How inconsiderate! In fact, I might just have to uninvite Net Jam!

.... and there's a perfect example of my usual work.

Thanks Tig for clarifying and hopeful this will work out for some of you.


[RE]SQUEAKS! - Regenesis Chief of Operations

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We're harder to offend than that Gryphus! Just want to make sure you folks know we'd love to have you be a part of it. If you can't or would rather not, that's just fine too. But here's hoping we can all make each others' holidays a little merrier.

Regenesis Clan Director | TIGRCS on Origin, Steam, and XFire

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Wow, you guys are great. I love this idea. I am not sure yet with my budget since I have been unemployed for over 6 months and just actually got a new job. In fact just got a new computer for that matter... :) but I'll let you guys know for sure in two weeks. Thanks again for including us in. It's always great to have other clan members in our site and server. Thanks!
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Really appreciate the invite guys, like I said our ranks are a bit thin at the moment with everyone away, but we should be able to have some guys join in. At least I certainly hope I will be able to.

Looking forward to it!


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Sorry fellas, been so busy with work myself that I haven't been on at all of late. Sounds like a great idea, and thanks very much for the invite RE! Hopefully I can get involved in this - I think it's a great concept!

I really want to play winter crash now :d

Ho ho ho,

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Thought I'd post an update a deadline for signup has been set to December 7th. Now with that said, if you guys aren't able to get in on this don't worry about it. I don't think we're going to get any takers from WYD and if it turns out to be RE only this year no prob, we'll do it again next year and you'll be welcome then too. I certainly understand financial difficulties, among other possible obstacles. Whatever the case, just have a wonderful holiday season.

Take care all!

Regenesis Clan Director | TIGRCS on Origin, Steam, and XFire

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