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Black Ops Multiplayer Footage

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It looks like a perverted cross of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

Before you start oooooohhhh and aahhhhhhing... Lest we forget MW2 started out this this good... I suggest you watch it twice, and think heavily on MW2s killer previews and it's massive launch day disappointment.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Where's the recoil?

The aiming fails like in almost all console shooters (assistive... watch it closely you'll see what I mean).

What the heck... a melee weapon that you can SHOOT? fail...

Treyarch.. fail..

Map designs seem suckish (except in looks), but most maps do for the most part.

Crossbows could be cool.

too much onscreen text... fail.

names are drawn almost instantly when your crosshairs go over someone.. what the heck is up with that? Wallhacks embedded in the game or something? haha. fail.

RC explosive cars... epic failure... can you say noobish? It'll turn out like the UAV in BC2, except more annoying because it explodes on you.

Currently not interested. ;)


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