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I've been mad before. Mad enough that I may have thought something vaguely that obscene. But seriously, who would have the disrespectful gall to say something like that, much-less post it on the internet?

It does however make for a funny video. I thought the gun really brought it full circle, and drove the point home.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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I didn't find the vid remotely funny, in fact after him reading out the letter and then shooting her laptop I was left wondering "Did she honestly deserve THAT! much disrespect and punishment from her own father?"

If you did that over here, the kids would get pay-back on the parents by doing it to something that they absolutely love. Fair call a kid shouldn't go and tell the world what the hell is happening in their lives. But this guy is simply a hypocrite in how he dealt with the situation. All he has successfully done is made it okay for her to continue posting what ever she wants on facebook because he posted it on youtube as well as making an enemy of his own child because he's too stubborn.

It is not how hard we hit, but as to how hard we get hit and still move forward!

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She needed to learn some respect. Seems that most teenagers seem to think they are hard done by. Think again, life is pretty cruisie for teens these days.

I would have done exactly the same thing and in fact would have done it in front of her.

Maybe one day she'll understand what it is to have to pay your own way in this world!

Yeah G, he really drove the "hollow" point home [EMOJI:https://resources.enjin.com/1489581540/themes/core/images/emojione/svg/1f44d.svg?0] :d :lol:
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He should have smashed it with a sledge hammer, then it wouldn't be controversial to anyone. The fact that he shot it with a gun, to prove a point to his daughter, well, that even makes me (one of those terrible gun toting, bible carrying monsters) a little uncomfortable.
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I think she deserved every bit of this humility. I would never think of writing something like that. I did chores, not for money, but so i could live under the roof my parents provided.

They got her everything, and for her to do that, she needs everything taken away.

I paid for all my stuff, im not one of those brats whose parents pay for their laptop, cars, college..... I had to work my butt off and buy all my vehicles, and pay for college...or the loans that is, and i couldn't afford to get a lap top till i went away to school.

I think this girls life will change for the better, too bad she had to learn it the hard way.

These days, kids dont even get spanked, what the heck is that, its not "child abuse" that punishment, and it prevents a spoiled brat, I got spanked a ton lol, had an issue with always having the last words, hey and I turned out ok :lol:

Bravo to that dad, for standing up and being what a parent should be.

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NEVER parent in anger. Right or wrong, makes no difference. Parenting is the hardest freakin job in the world. Had he not lost his temper, had he reminded his child he loves her, had he done what he did out of the drive to teach a lesson, I would support him. It seems he did it out of anger and revenge, not justice and teaching. Intent was fucked, the action was awesome.
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I think he seemed pretty calm and collected, he mentioned something like this has happened before, he did the standard parent grounding thing. He obviously had to take it to another level for her to learn, and that he did :lol:

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I thought his grouping was pretty good...hehe.

Honestly, as a parent of an almost teenager...I can totally relate. It really seems like kids now days have a feeling of entitlement. People owe them...

I think it comes from the way we treat them in school. Everyone gets a gold star, whether they know what they are doing or not. Then, when reality hits and they don't get a gold star (for sucking at whatever they do), the World is suddenly not fair. Well boo hoo.

Sometimes people just need to be told they suck so they learn to try harder to achieve whatever goal they are trying for. Things in life are hard, and if you want them, you might have to do things that are unpleasant. Go without sleep, go without food or miss a party or two. Maybe even work a few jobs for crummy pay to gain the knowledge you will use in the future. Not everything pays off immediately, and sometimes you have to string together a few successes to really reach the end goal.

To do this, kids now days actually need a goal!!!!!

Have you ever seen a sign that says, "Please don't feed the animals?" It is so the animals don't be come dependent on someone else for food. If you give it to them, after a while they forget how to get it themselves. People are the same way.

It has also been said, "Necessity is the motherhood of invention." In order to be really creative, you have to go without. When the thing you seek becomes important enough, you will find a way to get it. Whether it is food, a job or shelter.

Ok, off my soap box...
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I understand punishment and wanting some respect, just not that form of it. Maybe remove the software he had installed or even confiscating said laptop until further notice. All she needs to do is go to school and type yet another rant on her FB wall now complaining about the 8 rounds in her laptop.

As for the grouping of said shots Dos, that's near point blank and STILL! he only managed to get a grouping of 4 inches, I could do better with my eyes shut :p

It is not how hard we hit, but as to how hard we get hit and still move forward!

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NJA-Steve-O wrote:
One question for you Stupidity, are you a parent? :d enough said! :lol:
No, but I do know what it's like to be punished after my mum being quite strict but very fair. I will admit, I've had it easy in terms of not growing up with "capitol punishment" but the lessons taught by her I will use when I decide to have children of my own. However I am rahter the same as Kov, I earned what I truly wanted in life. Be it a car, or a computer. I paid for it myself.

Like I said, I understand what he is trying to say, just went too far by 1) Shooting the laptop when there was other ways of handling it. 2) Posting it on Youtube for the world to see only making him a hypocrite in what he was getting at in the first place.

It is not how hard we hit, but as to how hard we get hit and still move forward!

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