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  1. Sgt_JD


    Posting a complaint, without uploading a demo, will not help us.
  2. You are a loser. Get your life together. If you think that trashy garbage was humorous, then you need professional help.
  3. Sgt_JD

    Child Molester

    Can we block this clown from the forums as well?
  4. Sgt_JD


  5. You were banned by me, with NJA-Fuzzy observing and recording. We will review the video further with other admins, and get back to you with a decision.
  6. Sgt_JD


    I was the one that banned you. We have a zero tolerance policy for cheaters.
  7. should have let the ban stand. Would have helped everyone's KDRs.
  8. Sgt_JD

    ikeh wh

    I agree that his game play was suspicious, but I cant say with certainty that he is WH.
  9. Sgt_JD


    Correct CC, my fault. sorry I messed up your gaming for a while.
  10. Sgt_JD


    not convinced
  11. Sorry bro. I goofed. Not your fault.................................................Don't let it happen again.
  12. you are right, many admins use profanity. It became a problem about a year ago, and everyone was simply reminded to clean it up. Once again, a few of them, need reminding. Thank you for bringing it up.
  13. hahaha,,,,,to getting further pownage
  14. It is a privately owned gaming server. The rules for mumble and the game are, no profanity. If you don't like the rules, then you should look for a place to play where profanity is welcomed, By the way, the majority of the people you listed, though historically significant, were very ill-mannered, often disrespectful of others, as per your description of FDR, innapropriate..... so the answer to your question is...... yes. If you are personally aspiring to be president or a similar important historical figure, I suggest you focus on, and try to emulate, attributes other than profanity. Try doing good rather than bad. You may lilke it.
  15. Childish. Ill-mannered, inappropriate, immature, selfish, disrespectful of self and others. All good descriptions for people who use profanity. Profanity is helpful for people who are too ignorant to express themselves within the realm of decency and morality. Besides not being allowed on the server, it is against the net-jam mumble rules as well. There is a reason it is called BAD language, because it serves no good! Nothing wrong with opinions.
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