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Fake? Of course it's not fake lol have you seen the rest of these repo vids?

Matt (the big guy) get's a kicking in a few and he also goes round a corner too fast and loses the BMW they have just repo'd, it overturns and they drag it with a camerman inside..... tell me if that's fake.

In another they repo an SUV from a ranch and get fired upon and you see the bullet ricochet marks on their vehicle....

Yeah you're right G, she should have kicked his arse to the end lol
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Right on N!HTM4R3, I think that's what they mean with the disclaimer as the beginning that mentions the show is "based on real events." And its against the law for repo men to put a hand on anyone, which he did to the girl... and the cop car is in the background already before they even come, its just the little things.

Its all right here

Still funny tho. I wish she would have wrecked him more, and if this really happened, even sweeter.

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