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Teach_ (a hell of a guy)


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I banned you for advertising. We maintain a strict no-advertising policy on the server. This includes trying to convince other players to go to a different server with you or promoting another server in any way.


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13 minutes ago, Teach_ said:

I won't do that anymore. Can I be reinstated, por favor?

Usually I'd say yes, just don't let it happen again and we'd all move on. However...

14 minutes ago, Teach_ said:

I was trying to just inform friends from the other server that they/we play on, and have for some time, that it was back up online.

Chat logs show you were approaching players regardless of if they had played there.


Why should I trust your word that it won't happen again if you aren't even being honest about what you were doing?


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I honestly don’t remember trying to target other players. I thought I only mentioned the players I knew by name from h4x?

did I have some kind of catch-all phrasing that targeted everyone? If so, apologies again. That really wasn’t my intent. I just wanted the regulars back on the other server because it was all but empty. 

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Ah yes, that i remember; it was just collang (assuming he has a pulse), 'cause he was funny. 

h4x is not my server—just the only other one you can play on if you own a Mac.

But whatever, unban me, or don't if you have all the players you'd ever want or need for NetJam—obviously your call.

It's been real.

Teach_  (UNDERSCORE!) out.

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Well Mr. Underscore, one of the several reasons we don't allow advertizing for anything or any reason, is to keep people such as yourself from poaching our player base.

We could have left this as a warning. Just needed some honesty from you, but here we are.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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I apologized and said I wouldn’t do it again. Not sure what else you want?

I was being honest. I sincerely had forgotten that I propositioned exactly one of your players: collang. My intent wasn’t to poach your entire player base.

Do with it what you will. 

And Collang, if you read this, I’m challenging you to a duel! You don’t have to leave NetJam. 

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You could say that. Or you could say that we're used to being blatantly lied to.

You were banned for breaking a rule we have zero tolerance on. You explain it to us, and it doesn't match up with what we're seeing in the chatlogs. Combine that with the fact we've had other h4x members unabashedly advertizing recently, along with a generally low opinion of h4x, and maybe you'll start to see where we're coming from.

Some assumptions were made, yes. But your getting defensive and dismissive only seemed to confirm them.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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Backing down? All I’ve seen is you repeatedly accusing me of being dishonest and shady, and not ever acknowledging or accepting my apology(s). I came in from the beginning trying to be honest, sincere, and humble with a bit of levity. 


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Glyhy, I got your explanation: You are used to being lied to and have zero tolerance for “advertising.” Both news to me.

Why even have ban appeals? Is this your form of levity, repeatedly trying to exert your “power” and pretense, after my repeated apology and explanation?

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Hello there, Teach! You make two claims on the server which are both wholly untrue:

'more fun to play' - Absolutely not. I keep getting banned by your inexperienced and unskilled admin clanmates.

'its a better server' - Once again, absolutely not. If it were in fact a better server, then more people would be there populating and playing but as is the case - it is often deserted except for the members you have on spectate just for the sake of the server not looking empty. If you want my opinion on specifics?

Your server allows martyrdom and last stand which is just cancerous for a hardcore server and yes you also claim that its 'not hardcore' but it in fact is. The damage given and received is just about the same for a hardcore type server - except for the fact that you have crosshairs on but no UAV. Let's not also mention the fact that the server is both modded and bugged. After a certain killstreak you get to launch a predator missile and after it launches, your perks seem to disappear such as my dead silence suddenly unequipping. 

After my experience getting kicked and temp-banned over and over again in your 'better, fun to play' server, I personally would never play in it again.

Regards - A player who is more skilled than all your members combined. 

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