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FH|Couchsweat, Slug, Crikey: Team killing with nades


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Had a problem with team mate FH|Couchsweat harassing by blocking view, firing in my face etc..... guess he didn't like me camping where I was. At any rate I finally dropped a nade while he was doing this and left the game. From that point on over the rest of the morning and into the afternoon he team killed me at least a dozen times.... would even change his name to do it. Would switch to spec to locate me then switch teams to team kill me. To say the least it got a bit annoying. Told him early to quit it or I would report..... you can see here it had no effect. His other 2 alias were "Slug" and "Crikey". Don't mean to be the whiner here but it got pretty annoying. The demo I uploaded shows one instance of it. It's a long demo of myself but its the only way I could figure out how to get it recorded. At 0:31 in he attempts a team kill but fails.... then again at 0:42..... at 3:32 he succeeds. That is just a small sample of what I had to put up with from him for quite awhile.



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