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  1. FUZZY Already banned him.... this is just for backup. ecp_lucifer.dm_1
  2. pettybone

    jorj: WH

    Pretty obvious..... his aim sux but he can hit the wall...lol jorj2.dm_1
  3. This one multitasks... he hacks and sucks both at the sametime. &-&.dm_1
  4. Pretty Obvious cid8.dm_1
  5. pettybone

    Ventus: WH

    Pretty obvious.... SGT-JD Banned him but here is the vid of him.... ventus.dm_1
  6. pettybone

    {BB}Molly: WH

    Terrible aim even with the WH...lol.
  7. pettybone

    DREX: WH

    Pretty obvious
  8. Obvious.....
  9. not sure if that is all he had but he sucked worse than i do... almost didn't report him..lol
  10. pettybone

    devil-dog: WH

    Pretty obvious.....
  11. pettybone

    N4d0: MH

  12. Pretty obvious....
  13. Scroll trigger hack for sure and also looks fishy on recoil
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