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  1. Pretty obvious..... batum.dm_1
  2. No Recoil at all........ a lot of pausing to adjust "settings"..... pretty sure was "looking" but not firing thru obstacles . marco.dm_1
  3. Zero Recoil..... I know smg's will show very little but this guy has zero.... watch closely when he uses a side arm. propoor2.dm_1
  4. Pretty obvious.... fagolos.dm_1
  5. pettybone

    WIND: WH

    At first I thought he was just wall banging.... then I spec'd and saw what he was really doing.... pretty obvious. wind.dm_1
  6. pettybone

    pITbOY: WH

    Pretty Obvious pITbOY.dm_1
  7. pettybone


    If this is not a WH I'd like someone to break this BS down for me in detail.... please don't come back the "quick scope" anomaly..... this is more than quick scoping or if it truly is quick scoping it is a glitch in the game that should not be allowed....period. heritage.dm_1
  8. I would have thought the demo I uploaded back on the 11th would have put this to rest.... never did find out what it was that got her ban lifted.
  9. Same player 2 different joins.... obvious Aimbot.... WH also apparent.ze.dm_1rus.dm_1
  10. At least 10 kills in this demo sniping thru walls.... pretty obvious... britishslut.dm_1
  11. Aimbot for sure.... every shot a head shot... possible WH too. ZUD.dm_1
  12. pettybone

    _BusTeR: WH

    Pretty Obvious..... _BusTeR3.dm_1
  13. Pretty evident...... zez.dm_1
  14. Pretty obvious..... BLACKBORZ.dm_1
  15. Hi guys... didn't notice anyone reporting that the hardcore server is suffering from massive CI's ..... I don't think its just me as all seem to be talking about it . I thought I'd stop in and see if anyone had reported the problem but is doesn't seem to have been reported yet. Been like this all week and has gotten progressively worse as the week went on. I know there have been some issues with government systems recently and maybe there is a connection but what ever is causing it is only apparent on this server. I'm not seeing it on other servers I connect to. I'll get a demo of what it looks like on this end and upload. Thanx
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