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Close..... very very close

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Nice try Godlike.

Excellent ratio too.

I propose that the first person to post in this thread a screenshot of 100 kills on the NET-JAM server will earn the title.....(drumroll).....Centurion!

P.S. My son is loving the reruns of Centurions on the cartoon channel over here. Anyone remember that show? Power Extreme!!!
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I'm pretty sure I got in the 120s before, but apparently I never screenshotted it, so as they say, pics or it didn't happen! So here's the only one over 100 I have a pic of:


I doubt i'll ever play that good again, LOL
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I have you all beat.. I get the -cent tags..
Of course, this was before I switched my name to LuNaR

Here's a couple of others:

This one's Tactical Search and Destroy:

This one's from my old clan server:


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