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CoD4x 20.4 Update

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So as many of us have noticed, the 20.4 update is available as seen in the main menu.  I've noticed a bunch of other servers have already updated to 20.4 which I can't connect to, and I don't want to risk upgrading and finding out that I can't connect to 19.x servers.  Does Net-Jam have any plans or a schedule for updating?  I'm not in a rush to update since I don't even know what it includes, but just wondering because I want to continue having access to NJ.  Does anyone know if the 20.4 update affects access to 19.x servers?

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Net-Jam will never update and we recommend you don't either. If you have anything on your game menu recommending or showing an update to 1.8x, I recommend you uninstall, reinstall the game, and seriously consider what servers you connect to. Many servers will force an unofficial hacked client on you, giving the developers a back-door into your computer.

The 20.4 "update" Any game version beyond "1.8" including "1.8x" is a hacked client and unsafe.


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