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2old4this - Open Chat Accusing & Being Rude


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Are you sure?

I was there for a fair bit last night when we were dealing with a cheater by the name of Dey - who was blatantly using an aimbot. 2old was certainly taking the mickey of Dey, but I do not think he was rude to players, even Dey.

What was the tag you were using last night? I do not remember seeing TacD3. The sceptic in me wonders if you were playing as Dey - but I am old and senile and my spider senses are not what they used to be ;-)

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Yes I am sure! All of this happened within the past 10 to 15 days on Cod4 Hardcore Server. 

2old4this is the one who was breaking the rules as I already described when he started accusing people of cheating (Wall hack) on the open chat accusing a player called (Doomsguy) and another player too I cannot recall the name.

Yes do go back on the chat logs.

Also 2old4this started with me by calling me (Taco) OUT OF THE BLUE without me ever speaking to him, so yes that does make 2old4this a hypocrite and indeed I've been antagonizing him because I am not gonna let him talk to me that way. 

I'd appreciate if Gryphus_1 stays out of it from this point on because I sent him/her a private message being polite and explanting the situation, I thought Gryphus_1 was one if the main admins at Net-Jam and now he is coming here with sarcasm and clearly taking sides with 2old4this. 

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I've taken no sides. You two do realize that I can read the chatlogs right? I've read your little lovers spats and aside from being mildly amusing, it's innocuous.

Tac, you came here crying foul and giving us English lessons. You then proceed to insinuate to me via that PM that we give people who donate to us preferential treatment. So yeah, I am going to take a sarcastic tone with two children squabbling in a videogame.

Maybe you both could just silently take solace from shooting each other in the face from now on. However since nothing I say will dissuade you anyway. Keep in mind that if you two continue to escalate and become disruptive to other players, we will take action against both of you.

Now gentlemen, if that's all I'll be going back to sarcastically watching you two take pot-shots at each other.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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You can read the chat logs Gryphus_1 ? Really ? "I am crying foul play" Since you can read the chat logs why you haven't gone back there yet ? Perhaps you do need an English lesson Gryphus. 

I am saying 2old4this is ACCUSING IN OPEN CHAT CONSTANTLY  That should be a 2 second thing to prove me wrong since you can read the chat logs, but I guess that might be too much work for you. 

And SILENTLY was whatever I reported to you on PM, if you took personal and brought that up here in public which is unprofessional since you are an admin that IS YOUR PROBLEM, all I did was say I PM you and I do feel you are taking sides I never mentioned what I PM you.

Now you threatening us both ? I came in here reporting 2old4this way first before you heard anything from any other player and I already mention he called me Taco outta the blue so here we are (I have to repeat myself like this to communicate with you Gryphus_1).

I haven't even been back yet to play since then.

Gryphus_1 if you have a problem reading there is a website called text2speech if you copy and past it reads things for you assuming you are not deaf too on the top of not knowing how to read. 

Let other admins oversee this issue Gryphus You're insulting too calling us little lovers etc. You SUCK !

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You know, he's just basically saying quit it, kids, stop fighting or I'll punish you both. He's the admin, and probably not paid, he doesn't have to do anything for either of us. Let's agree to not address one another on the server and let it be. Have a good day.

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11 hours ago, 2old4this said:

You know, he's just basically saying quit it, kids, stop fighting or I'll punish you both. He's the admin, and probably not paid, he doesn't have to do anything for either of us. Let's agree to not address one another on the server and let it be. Have a good day.

Thank you.


Tac, if you had reported 2old4this for harassment here and just let it be. We would have looked into it and dealt accordingly. But no, you retaliated, making your complaint null and void. You then come here putting on this act. So yes I called you a child because you're acting like one.

A couple quick clarifications as well since you seem confused as to how interpersonal relations work. We do not have a personal relationship (and after this encounter I intend to keep it that way). Making all of our interactions more professional than anythings else. However, as 2old4this helpfully pointed out, I'm not paid nor in-fact are any of us paid to watch-over the flock of screaming ingrates that is our player-base. Making my acting unprofessional a little more understandable. So far as mentioning your PM to me. I didn't quote you nor did I post the conversation, so my mentioning one of the topics, while admittedly arguable whether or not it was in good taste, was fairly harmless I think and needed to explain at least in part why I was annoyed by you.

As an example, my posting this screenshot of a PM you just sent me. That's generally not acceptable to do. So that we're clear.




As for any hacking... If one of you are we will catch you. You don't need to worry about that. If you have some evidence to post then we'll have a look, otherwise you're better off letting an Admin know in-game to keep an eye out.

""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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