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I've been ban for replying to taunts from an admin.

I may not be the less toxic player around but you have to admit that i'm friendly with the people that respect me at the first place.
Calling people names and hidding it behind "humor" is not respecfull at all.
And if an admin starts calling people names, saying it's jokes.. He can take "on you periods" as a joke ! No ?

Not arguing on your decision tho.
It's your server. And if you want me out, i'm out :)

But Myth .. You need to learn about respect before using that word mate.

I'll finish by saying i enjoyed playing on your server.
Alot of campers but they are really friendly and fun in general.

I hope you guys keep that community strong.



PS : Give "NJ-QUIET" admin perms plz ! He deserve it

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Tamsko I don't even know how many times you've been warned about being such a dick in the server, but it clearly didn't sink in.

I've read that chat, and you were the one at fault not Myth. Had you approached this a bit more tactfully to start we may have had a different outcome, but you chose, and here we are.

Thread locked.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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