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    Hi, I've been ban for replying to taunts from an admin. I may not be the less toxic player around but you have to admit that i'm friendly with the people that respect me at the first place. Calling people names and hidding it behind "humor" is not respecfull at all. And if an admin starts calling people names, saying it's jokes.. He can take "on you periods" as a joke ! No ? Not arguing on your decision tho. It's your server. And if you want me out, i'm out :) But Myth .. You need to learn about respect before using that word mate. I'll finish by saying i enjoyed playing on your server. Alot of campers but they are really friendly and fun in general. I hope you guys keep that community strong. Farewell Tamsko PS : Give "NJ-QUIET" admin perms plz ! He deserve it
  2. BTW.. I've been banned for replying to your taunts. Why you changed the topic ? Why you brought the previous conversation i had on the server ? Just to add more wood in your fire.. Shame on you ...
  3. You are the only admin that taunted me .. why involving the others ? I never had to deffend myself against any other admins in NJ. only you ... You're hypocrite AF mate ! Don't you feel shame ? "Monday, 08/17/2020 (18:39)AK|Tamsko|A [ALL]:List of server that banned me : One sri lanka snip only / H4X TDM server / AK server (twice) and one Japanese SnD server ^ You can add one. Net-Jam." Just by saying that you're taunting some more ... Saying like : you're banned and it makes me happy !! Shame...
  4. You made your point. I argue alot about campers. Especially those on my team staying in spawns drowning us to our defeat by facilitating the ennemy's spawn trapping. Actually by doing that, in a way, i'm trying to teach them about COD. But i'm a lil hard on them, that's true. But you're not talking about everything you said to me :) And that's hypocrite. You started calling me out as a nerd and a camper. Everyone knows that i'm neither. And stop calling people names will you ? I quote: "It's a joke" Well... "You're on your periods" was also a joke. But you are to soft and can't handle losing to me 3 games in a row. + what is the point in balancing a 4v5 into a 5v4 ??? .. just so you're not in my team ? That is called team stacking mate. And not all the players were in teams yet. Let's share the faults/wrongs here ! I'm ready to be an adult. Are you ? cheers Tamsko
  5. Hi NJ ! I just got ban by the biggest sore losing hypocrite in your clan. I named : Myth He taunted me for several games. Making jokes on me and calling me names. When i said one joke back at him POOF => Banned... I don't blame him. I know the effect i have on sore losing players. You shouldn't let a snowflake have admin perms tho. You can ask anymone on the server. I'm always a friendly player. I only deffended myself from that abusing admin. I'm sure those poeple will say that i'm a nice player : ARCE / COW / NJ-QUIET / NJ-TURBO / NJ-Sgt-JD / The Poet / NJ-SqshyYoshi Just ask around. NJ-PIG and NJ omlette were there. They can tell you that Myth taunted me first. i just replied to his bad behaviours. Just let me know when the ban is over. I don't want to creat a mess. i just want to play on NJ again Cheers Tamsko
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