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d.u.k.e.7 ?


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I seen duke7 in a palm tree, not sure how he got up there, he killed me then I seen him up there so I shot him and asked how he got up there , he didn't answer and left after that. the map is back lot , just wondering if anybody else knows how he got up there or if its legal
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This can be achieved without hacks or glitching. The jump takes some practice, but essentially you have to do a running jump from the railing at the top of the sniper building in the middle of the map. You land on a telephone pole and then have to high jump to the palm tree. From there you can actually get onto the roof of the open ceiling building in the corner of the map with a mini-gun or the roof of the building next to it. With a highly populated server like NJ, it can be hard to make it to the palm tree without getting picked off first (unless enemy is pinned in the garage). I can show anybody interested how to do this while on the server, just be prepared to die a lot while learning ;)

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