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Haskell n Chill


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Hard to pinpoint, but maybe WH - quite a few times with no uav and he starts shooting before the target appears. Couple of folks suspecting him in BOG on the prior map, but didn't want to attract attention by dropping to spec mid game. Lots of wallbanging, but 1 & 2 are with a small map so I guess not too unusual. Tried to do a diff map, but player bailed before I had much more than the third attachment.

Whatcha think?
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Shazz- Follow the player you want to record as a spectator. Open the console, type "/record filename" (I usually use the name of the player I am following). When you are done recording, open the console again and type "/stoprecord". The file will be saved in your game folder under main/demos.
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Hi Cow and shazzam,

He definitely is trying to run something but, is totally hopeless at it. I would be more suspicious if he was getting kills with all the wall bangs and smoke bangs. He doesn't seem to hit anything. Thanks very much for posting these and for both of your input. We'll watch him. I can't take action based on this info. I'm sure you understand why.


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