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This Is a Gamepad

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I tried to use one of those years ago....couldn't get used to it.

This is what you use on the server?

The Rules for a Gunfight:

1. Bring a gun. In fact, bring two guns. Bring all your friends who have guns.

2. Incoming fire has the right of way.

3. Flank when possible. Protect yours.

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Warum sind Sie spricht französisch aller sprachen, meiner kleinen pelzigen Ausländer?

Weißt du nicht, ich liebe deine kleinen Akzent?

Ast Rheine!

Besides, I din say you couldn't SPEAK it, just UNDERSTAND it!

Esteban-o, ifn you were an american orphan , i would adopt you... and i wouldn't even put you to work in a sweat shop. Mebbe a fast food restraunt or car wash so i could take yer wages and tips. Lord know you've got a great work ethic so no doubt you would get great tips for me to swindle from you

And I know my 8th grade French is rusty but would this work better? Je a toujours...etc? Like I said my french sux but I always rather than He always?


That's all i got,

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76 posts? already? really? That's just wrong.

Here I am limping along at ...18?! ok make it 19 but still.

Can you imagine ifn i took my mudders advice and only said sumfin when I had sumfin NICE to say...I 'd have mebbe 2?

May have to ramp up the rants to try and close the gap a little.


That's all I got

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Gryphus_1 wrote:
Sie wissen, dass Sie sowohl mit Google übersetzen ... weiter zugeben ... und je länger es ist, desto besser sieht es aus :d

Mein Hintern tut weh ...


U ass hurts?

I better dont ask how u use u gamepad....

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NJA-Wabaki wrote:
U ass hurts?

I better dont ask how u use u gamepad....

At the time I had been playing for 5 hours, aching tends to occur after that point :) ...

If your really want to see Wab, I can give you a pic... :d But only after you've eaten... :)


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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