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Of course, I'd try Ark but I keep getting confused when I talk to Aussies about it. I always think they're playing a different game called "Ahk" What's Ahk!?!? Same game as A'rrrrrrrr'K?

Like when they play Ahk while enjoying some shrimp on the Bobbie.... How does Bobbie feel about that!?!? I know I'd hate it! Shrimp on the Turbo just doesn't sound appealing to me. This is what haunts me...
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But I do care Gryphus!  :classic_ninja:  BTW as soon as I land on my feet with a shiny new job, I have it in my mind to start donating again.  Plus purchase a Behringer DeepMind 12 synthesizer, 3 BOSS branded guitar pedals - distortion, delay, and reverb for use with my original synth and its punishing bass sounds in mono/portomento mode, go back to buying ON Amino Energy powder from costco, re-add Tumeric, Ashwagahnda, Ginger, Horny Goat weed back to my daily vitamin stack for achieving NRBs again (No Reason Boners).

ps - Love reviving old threads!  Double ps - I sometimes love being annoying!  (sorry)


Happy Thanksgiving!




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