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Last week and chance to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10 FOR FREE - ends Dec 31 2017

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I looked at the prices for Windows 10 Home Premium, for example, and it's clocking in around $100. So upgrading to it for free sounds pretty good. The loophole ends Dec 31, 2017. You have 31 days after upgrading to revert back in case you don't like it - just snag and copy down the new Windows 10 key in case you build a new PC later and want to use the key for a fresh install..get it?


Now, the installer is going to fail the 1st time when you are going from Windows 7 to 10, not 8 to 10. The reason is it is looking for a Windows 8/8.1 specific DLL file.

Replace C:\Windows10Upgrade\wimgapi.dll with the one from C:\Windows\System32\wimgapi.dll

Then re-run the Windows10UpgraderApp.exe installer from the new Windows10Upgrade folder.

Other possible solutions to later upgrade issues:
(1) You haven't kept up on the Win 7/8 updates, go ahead and Windows Update all updates then retry the installer
(2) Unplug unnecessary peripherals, perhaps a driver issue is present. (for example, I disconnected my Snowball USB mic)
(3) Worst case, you might have to do a clean boot (google it) then restart the updater after clean booting.

I'm truthfully in the middle of the upgrade still, and can't provide any more advice than what I know up to now. I just wanted to get the word out.

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My upgrade was successful. So in my experience, I was going from Windows 7 to 10 so I had the updater initially fail on the DLL file error. The above manual copy fix worked for me. I later ran into a blue screen pretty deep into the upgrade and had to start over - thankfully it reverts it back automatically so no big deal. I then read where you need to make sure the old OS is updated all the way - forgot I had turned off Windows update over 2 years ago and had almost 2 GB of updates to download.

After updating ALL Windows 7 updates, I ran the Windows 10 updater again and this time it went through without a hitch).

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If you're even considering upgrading to Windows 10, there's a lot of good information here. I don't know how strict they're going to be about cutting off the free upgrades though. If I remember correctly, Microsoft had claimed the free upgrades would end with 2015 and with 2016 as well, but clearly they're still here.

Keep in mind, though, I am pretty sure Microsoft is going to move to a subscription-based OS platform. They've already stated that Windows 10 is the final version. They've also confirmed that they are moving towards subscriptions on the Enterprise version of Windows 10. With all that in mind, I would stick to Windows 7 as long as possible. At this point there is nothing that requires moving to Windows 10, unless you can't live without the new Paint 3D (which is actually a pretty cool replacement for Paint if nothing else).

In addition, Windows 10 is notorious for downloading updates in the background and forcing them on you without confirmation regardless of what you're doing on your computer. Personally, I have had Windows 10 updates corrupt several hours worth of work (on multiple occasions) because it forced everything to shut down immediately with no confirmation for an update. Their updates also frequently claim to "leave everything right where it was" despite moving (and sometimes deleting) numerous files in your user folder.

Lastly, Microsoft has built advertisements into the OS. The file browser has ads, the start menu has ads, and who knows what else. They're integrating more and more personal information into the OS which, I personally find to be a bit absurd however useful it may be fore some people.

If you're even considering upgrading to Windows 10, and they do in fact cut off the free upgrades, now is the time to snag your copy.

If not for Games and a handful of other applications, I would use nothing but Linux. If you're comfortable tweaking a computer, I would highly recommend at the very least installing VirtualBox with a Linux OS and playing around with it, sort of like you might play with the settings and launchers on an Android phone. They actually have some distributions that have the familiar windows feel, but with a different skin and slightly different functionalities. Check out Linux Mint with the Cinnamon Desktop Environment, for example.

Linux is actually pretty easy to use. It has an easy to use installer (just like Windows) and a multitude of desktop environments to choose from, some similar to Windows, some similar to Mac, and others that are unique. You can tweak the system in more ways than you might think possible. Its also 100% free (unless you go with one of a handful of distributions which are targeted more at corporate security), is constantly updated, and makes upgrading to new versions a breeze.

Thanks for the good info, Turbo!


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Also, I have a DX12 capable video card, so even though I don't have a current interest in any of the small pool of DX12 game releases, I could see that changing in a year or less. I'm hoping the upcoming Mount and Blade:Bannerlords game will have that option, because I'm on the first bus to download that once it finally releases!
I suspect my beliefs are very similar to yours in that I don't like my personal info to be out there to grab and Windows 10 does come closer to doing that. I held off upgrading for so long because the initial Win 10 release was problematic with some older games - particularly Skyrim and Skyrim SE. I did my homework and found that the memory issue was fixed by an update (earlier this year I think). I will grab the utility out there that shows one their Windows 10 key, jot/store the key somewhere safe, then decide whether to stay at 10 or revert back to Windows 7 - of course, I have 30 more days to do that before that Windows 10 option (revert back) goes away. This way, the nice thing is even if I revert back to Windows 7 I get to keep the Windows 10 key. Then I can always download the Windows 10 ISO media and upgrade later.

I hate the subscription models for anything, but that concept is never going to go away, I'm going to miss the old ways.

I love Linux, used it and Unix for my entire career on the job for 21 years until my recent layoff. Especially now, Linux setup has become so much easier and painless within the last several years with the Mint and Ubuntu releases for example. I stay away from dual boot configurations and also prefer using VirtualBox from Oracle since it's robust and free, glad you mentioned that. If anything, most computer users that want to explore that OS can safely do so in that virtual environment.

Also good stuff Lunar, thanks!

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lol so far I like it.. it's more "mature" now, haven't had any of the game issues that were talked about when it first released. Also articles out there on what to turn off so that your paranoia don't destroy ya.

I wanna see the new star wars movie again, that was a good one!
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Windows 10 is utter AIDS. However, the usability and general quality of life improvements on a laptop, especially one with a touchscreen, make it worth the HIV.
Otherwise, I prefer my PC contract it's STDs naturally.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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LOL Gryphus

Anyway, I reverted back to Win 7 today. Twice my PC suddenly froze with a high pitched sound forcing me to cycle power. I checked my PSU voltages, checked temps for everything and it all looked good. My Asus mobo is quite old and I looked on Asus support, and it wasn't listed in their Windows 10 supported motherboard matrix so I am thinking I cannot get updated chipset drivers for it. I have been always happy with 7, and now I stored the free Win 10 key for future use... Oh well!
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