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Banned for stating an opinion?


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I was banned by a player named Tea,just because he didnt like my opinion?I simply said and i admit i did complain a bit when i said " these noob smokes" just for lols actually.Then when i defended myself as it was just an opinion i get banned by Tea just because he didnt like it.Such an abuse of power.I hope someone can clear this up.Oh yeah he his note when he banned me was "because f*ck this guy". Hope i can finally play in your server again.
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#1: Change your attitude in the server.
#2: You criticize A LOT yet you do the same thing as what you are criticizing for.
#3: Ban Stays for three days. Possibly a lot less.
#4: When an admin tells you to shut up. Pls just shut up and stop asking why.

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I have changed alot,i think i said bs like once on that match but then saw it was ping.I dont think i camp at all,so can i just know what im critizing and doing it myself?How was i suppose to know Tea was an admin?I mean he never mentioned it,it looked like he was salty, commanding me and stuff.So I do apologize for well whatever i did wrong.But I still feel a ban was too much.
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It doesn't matter if he didn't announce it to the world that he's an admin. Other players asked you to talk less; yet you retaliated back. This persisted for couple days. Changed a lot in matter of hours? Really? A ban is too much indeed. Yet it's for three days. Sure you can chat and talk leisurely with other players that's what an online game is for. However, in our server we don't disrespect anyone in anyway and that means you constantly taunting players, singling them out.
Please don't reply back to this post and just come back in three days. Okay? Please? PLEASE?

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Prodigy I would like to add. When you wear the NJ Tags you are representing this server. This means you must show other plays respect, regardless of how they treat you or whether they are an admin or not. We require other players for this server to survive and for that to happen they must feel welcome.
As stated above by Fruits this ban is for 3 days and there is no need for a response.

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I apologize for the way this was initially handled. However, there are some things that need to be corrected and discussed. I will be contacting you shortly. The ban will stay for the duration.

Thread locked.


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