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Australia Acknowledged As A World Power

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Civilization VI adds Australia as a playable civ in new non-free update.

Here's some details on the new update:

The chosen leader of The Pocket Mammal Civ is John Curtin. Considered a "top bloke" by many, Mr. Curtin was best known for the weaponizing of kangaroos during World War II; cited as a key factor in the downfall of the 3rd Reich, and primary reason for the rise of drop bears currently plaguing upside-down nations across the globe. With great leaders like Tony Abbott, Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin, it's a wonder they chose Mr. Curtin, but it likely had something to do with harmful raytings.

In addition to the new civilization, this DLC brings a new mechanic where a player must smuggle as many budgies into other civilizations as they can. The developers view this as something of an "anti-culture" victory scenario. "Any player who disputes the number budgies sent by Australia will be called a "f****** p**** t*** m8" then taken Outback and stabbed." reads the devs more detailed explanation of the new mechanic. While this sounds interesting, it may prove to be a sticking point for new players unfamiliar with Australian culture.

That is all.


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Mixed feelings, but I'd still like to try it. Maybe if I play from their perspective, all the blood will stop going to my head. I have to get over it sometime anyway. I hear there are thongs throngs of them.

"When I got in to ask and talk to you you were just keeping kicking me..." - HikariNozomi (Dec. 20, 2021)

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