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[IGN: Le_Lenny] Banned for "Wallhack".

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I was playing on the server and I only saw one person report me and less than an hour later I was banned. I was using:

AK-47 (Silencer)
Gold Desert Eagle
Stopping Power
Steady Aim
Frag/Flash x 1

I was not wallhacking and do not know any other reason I could have been banned for except for maybe my 200 ping?
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Hi Hint Mint,

I see why you think that but it may have just been my connection and the fact you were speccing? Games are known to have lower tickrates when speccing. I also had upwards of 200 ping throughout the games.
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Ok, I will admit, I was using no recoil. I feel really bad and wont go back on the server anyway and probably wont check this for a while. I don't know what else to say, people on the internet are stupid and will still shame me even though I owned up, probably even the admins.

~Cya, Lenny
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While admirable, the fact that you still tried to lie your way out of it waives any reconsideration that may have been given as far as the ban being permanent.

Goodbye Lenny. Consider this a lesson learned; don't cheat in multiplayer games (no matter how old). Unless of course, you enjoy ruining others' fun for no real gain of your own.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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1) *Banned for blatantly testing hacks in a multiplayer game.*
2) Hey guys! I have nooo idea why I was banned, can you unban me?
3) Oh no, I wasn't hacking. Maybe it just the game and my connection.
4) I admit I was using no recoil. I feel really bad. I won't play here again even if you unban me, since internet people will shame me for hacking even though I owned up after getting caught and lieing about it. I probably won't even check this for a while, cause I feel so guilty.
5) So can i come back on parole or some crap? inb4 inb4 inb4 "no"
6) pls
7) nice meme





""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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