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Unban Appeal


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I was banned for 'WH' which I don't use, I've had a few players report me in the last couple of days and finally an admin took action in banning me without even mentioning a word like I would of been happy if an admin said 'are you hacking you look pretty suss' blah blah as a heads up instead of banning me without sufficient evidence, I even had an admin yesterday confirm that I am clean after specing me for half an hour, spectating someone for an odd 10 minutes can't always confirm if the hacks are there or not, anyways I really enjoy Net-Jam possibly the best server cod4 has to offer and I don't want to play any other server but this one, so please consider my ban appeal.
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Could you please confirm what alias you were using and which admins you spoke to in regards to clearing you previously. This information will help in looking into your ban and furthering the appeal process.
WH= Wall Hacks


...Distract And Destroy...

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Sadly we don't ban people for being tools, so we'll have to settle for wallhacking. The demo attached below clearly shows you using it.

Goodbye Methodz, I wish I could say you would be missed.


""Don't quote my quotes!" - Fruits" - Rattle

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