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As much as I play here, thought I should say hi to everyone, and tell you a little about myself. I'm 56, ex-military, have a relatively high stress job, and COD4 helps me blow off a little steam. I've been playing COD4 since it's release,,, off an on. MOHAA was my first game, had a server, and team -TCB-, for a few years (I got banned from so many servers I had to start my own), great fun! Don't like console games at all. I am getting accused of cheating as I improve, and, for what it's worth, I want to assure you, I never cheat,,, ever. I normally don't respond to open accusations, unless by NJ or a player I see frequently. I understand how some people let their emotions get the best of them.

I just graduated from vga, 21 inch, to 1920x1080, 27 inch lcd. The difference is profound, I'm not that good at aiming with this mouse yet, a Logitech G700s (too sensitive, needs some weight), but can usually see you now. My PC is old, built myself on ASUS Crossfire II, AMD Athalon 64 6000, Video card is an old Nvidia GTS 250, but can run this game at full resolution and 125 FPS. My internet is terrible, but my only option. You see my game is legit, it was given to me by my daughter, Xmas '07 I think. I use ear buds, so I can hear almost everything,,, which leads to most accusations. I can usually explain to players how I "knew they were there" if they ask.

Thanks for letting me play on your server, I appreciate your admins and their diligence.

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If anyone that's wearing NJ tags accuses you of cheating, in chat, in game, anywhere, let one of the admins know. I'm not sure if any have, but you said you normally don't respond to them unless it's by NJ or a regular. We'll take care of them for you. It's encouraged to not call hacks in all chat anyway, regardless if they are or not.

As far as the G700s goes, I use one myself. Download logitech's gaming software here: http://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/g700s-rechargable-wireless-gaming-mouse (select OS and 32bit/64bit, whichever you use) and from there you can fine tune your DPI settings. If you've never messed with any of these settings before or don't know what DPI is, it's basically the sensitivity of the mouse. By default, without the software installed or changed after installing, the mouse will use the max DPI settings. The max for the g700s is 8200... so aiming with 8200 dpi is pretty much impossible. Just a slight nudge on that sensitivity would be enough to spin you around if you're playing on a standard sensitivity in game.

Adjust your DPI in Logitech's software, then you can adjust the sensitivity in game to your liking.

Here are my settings: http://imgur.com/u1bz3GB. I play all games on 400-800dpi. Given, I have a huge mousepad and if I need to spin around quick I can just throw my mouse to the other side of it to spin around. DPI and sensitivity are 100% personal preference, but I highly suggest not playing on 8200dpi, or really, anything over 2000. Unless you bump your sensitivity in game way down. Lowering your sensitivity will also help with longer range shots and fighting recoil.

My sensitivity in CoD4 is 2.2. I suggest trying something around 2.5-3.0 and going up/down from there depending on how you like it.

You can fine tune your sensitivity in game by hitting the ~ key on your keyboard, with console enabled under "game options", and then typing in "/sensitivity" then the number you want to try. So with the console open, mine would be "/sensitivity 2.2" then hit enter and close console.

And that GTS 250 you're running... is it a XFX Core edition? I actually bought one so I could get 250 constant (1600x900) in CoD4 on my first PC build. Still works to this day & played newer games just fine until around the BF3 era (still got 50-60fps on low). Great card for the money back in the day.

Anywho, thanks for the post Karma. We appreciate the kind words.




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Welcome aboard Karma, nice to have you on the server!

I like to watch good players sometimes, and if I *do* suspect something, I like to think I'm pretty tactful about it. For example, just last night, I said to a player - not exact words - "wow I need to watch and record you to maybe pick up some playing tips." Since our admins have been very busy, a group of both regular members and long-time players have been glad to record and report suspect players on our Reports forum here and I must say, it's a pretty effective thing we have going here.

Cheers and see you on there!

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