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Safe, warm, happy holidays to all of our friends at Net-Jam. :) Sorry it's at the end of Christmas day that I type this but I just got home and couldn't let the night end without wishing you all well. Here's to quality time with loved ones, to your good health, and to good games.

This is on me for being too busy to coordinate get-togethers between us, but I'm afraid our two clans quietly drifted apart in 2015. Net-Jam is—as always—held in the highest regard at Regenesis and if there's interest on your side, how about reigniting some of the passion in our relationship in 2016? We long for your warm, sweet, embrace and sweet nothings whispered into our ears. How about some games and some TS3 get-togethers?

Let me close with some words of wisdom from the one and only Bing Crosby:

Regenesis Clan Director | TIGRCS on Origin, Steam, and XFire

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Happy holidays, Net-Jam! Had some fun games here and there on NJ throughout 2015, though I might appear a little inactive here and there. May we continue that in 2016, and best wishes to Net Jam for 2016! Like what Tig mentioned, I am looking forward to more "get-togethers" with you all! ;)


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Thanks very much Tigr and K4! Best wishes to the Regenesis gang from all of us at Net-Jam. Have a safe and happy holiday and we'll look forward to some get-togethers in 2016. Great hearing from you guys. All the best in the New Year!


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Thanks guys! On New Year's Eve a few of us will be throwing back a few shots in the R channel of our TS3. We haven't really settled on a time so I'll throw a start time of 9pm CST out there. Please consider yourselves invited! Not sure how many will make it as a bunch are probably partying elsewhere but there will definitely be some good peeps there.

(Is it ok for me to invite you to our TS3 for events like this on your forums? I don't want to step on any toes here. Also, any chance my forum username could be changed to Tig?)

Regenesis Clan Director | TIGRCS on Origin, Steam, and XFire

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