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Your dead player wh


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[ your dead ] guy on the server hacking and has wh.
when i was playing the game before this i was on the map showndown and he shoot me though this thick all that not even a normal player can do.
so i did a demo on him. he didnt so much attention when i was specting him cuz he probably already know i was watching him he acts like hes just staying in one place.
in a few seconds of the demo you would see him shoot though this peace of wood out of nowhere.
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Thanks for the demo makaveli. Unfortunately, we cannot use this as evidence. The demo is so broken up that I don't know which kill you are talking about. He could see you clearly in all the kills that I saw. In future, when you record a demo, go into spectate and record the suspicious player's point of view. Then we will be able to see what he is doing more clearly and can prosecute the player using that firsthand recording of the offence.


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