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I have no evidence but, I'm sure hes fishy... He killed me a lot, and I didn't kill him very much. Now I'm pretty good too. I usually keep a 1 to 1 ratio and never leave the spawn. This doesn't matter to this prime guy, he just runs right in and kills me. So I know he's hacking!. Sometimes when I do kill him I will stay in that same spot, (because you know, its a good spot to kill him at) and this is how I'm sure he hacks, He'll pop right around the corner and blast me.... like WTF how did he know I was there??? It was a sweet spot and i didn't move at all!!!

anyways, I hope this helps you guys to ban him

Signed "All of us 1 to 1 ratio and below people who play on the netjam server"

He hurts my feels too!

Loves to y'all
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