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Hi, you might know me as jeff on cod4 and I just dropped by to check out your website/forum. Really nicely made, much better than the one my former clan's.
A few of you guys might know me but I haven't been on cod4 often lately because of my wifi problems. I will try to get on more often but Net-jam servers seem to be full all the time nowadays. See you on the servers and I just wanted to say hi.
So, hi. :d
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Yes but I use the name jeff since you guys already have a pwnstar. I'm used to jeff more now.
You guys seem to have a promod s&d server and I love promod! Is it for private matches or something?
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I'm doing a lot of chemistry at the moment haha. I'm 17 so I'm studying chemistry, physics, calculus, etc. Planning to join the server after maybe a couple hours though.
How are you doing?

ps. maybe the promod server should be promoted on the hardcore one to get some more people playing.
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