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Steam and Non-Steam CoD4

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So I caved and got CoD4 in the steam summer sale, mostly as an insurance policy against me most likely eventually losing my CD version. The only issue is that since I installed the steam version and ran it once, it also reverts my CD version to the steam key. Anyone know a way of being able to have to two versions exist together with separate keys? Otherwise I'll just uninstall the steam one and save it for when I lose the CD during one of my eventual future moves...
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So for a long time I thought one of the only drawbacks with the Steam version is that you're stuck with the CD Key that it gives you. However, I was just playing around with it and you can actually get around it.

When you launch CoD4 via Steam it rewrites the registry values for your CD Key. If you go into the advanced options for the entire key and deny Administrators the ability to set values, you can force it to use the key you want.

I'm not sure how tech savvy you are, but if you need help I can walk you through it.


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