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You just listed the best suggestions.

Teamspeak: If there is an admin online this is easily the best way.
Steam: Since no one really uses Xfire anymore. Most of us have our IDs listed on the admin page.
Forums: This isn't the quicker way, and is really only useful if you have a demo.
In-game: We have people watching game chat as often as we can. Just saying admin should get someone's attention.


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Welcome back to the game Spud. Below is a description of how to spectate and record a demo in COD4:

If you are in game, hit esc. You will see the option to "switch teams", select that. You will then see team options and "spectate". Select "spectate". Once in spectate mode you can scroll through the players by using your left or right mouse button. When you are spectating the player you wish to record, hit the tilde key (~) to bring up your console. To start a demo recording, type in the console bar: /record anyname and hit enter. You will then see text on the bottom left of your screen indicating your recording status. When you want to stop recording, bring up the console again with (~) and type: /stoprecord. Hit enter and the recording should stop. You will now have a demo saved in your "demos folder" which is in the "main folder" of your "COD4 folder". This demo can then be uploaded to our website when you post a report.

The other much simpler option when you are in the game is to use chat and type: !report playername (type of hack). Type of hack being wallhack= wh, no recoil= nr, aimbot= ab, aim assist= aa.

Example: !report Playername wh

This will automatically record a demo that is sent to our website reports forum. It will then be reviewed by admins.

A bit wordy but I hope this is clear enough, Spud. Feel free to ask for help if you need it.


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