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Hi everyone,

For some reason I was banned yesterday. No one made sure that i was aware of why i was banned.

I was just playing then "Banned: nr" out of nowhere!

I was not cheating or disobeying the rules. Why was I banned?

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Hi Trend. We were playing on Overgrown and I received comments from other players regarding your kills. I then specced you using a sniper rifle which had no visible recoil. The crosshairs were rock steady with each shot. I therefore banned you for "No Recoil" which is a recognized hack on our server. Would you care to explain why your crosshairs were so steady?


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LOL you would like me to explain something which I have no account over? Sadly i cannot give you give you that explanation. But i can tell you this: I was not hacking or removing recoil. I've been playing this game since it came out.. so maybe i'm just that used to how the recoil responds? (+/- the lag).. I have no hacks. If only there was a way to check me track history on other servers. I am not sure what proof would be sufficient. Please let me know if there is any information I can provide.

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