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Dodo, I absolutely LOVE it! What a beautiful job you have done on this drawing. The amount of work you have put into every detail is outstanding. I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to do this for me. Thank you so very much! I will treasure it always. Wow!

Please see my PM to you. Awesome, awesome job Dodo!


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You are so, very welcome Boards!
I love the challenge of drawing cars, even though I have problems with strait lines and perfect circles. As Gryph thinks the Jag has been in a crash and Mojo thought the tire was flat lol. Which is probably likely in an old Jag. But anyway, I'm ecstatic that you like it!!!

I'll check it out. Thank you!!! :d

DoDo out

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Dodo, no piece of art on the planet is "perfect". The charm of personal interpretation makes the piece your own. All of the drawings that I do have my "quirks" in them too and that is what makes them mine. We create unique art that is ours and all the criticism in the world cannot touch that. It is easy to criticize but much harder and more rewarding to "do".


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