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2 players with EDP tag look to be hackers


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These two EDP players were both able to bypass anyone's UAV Jammer. I didn't get a sense that they were aim botting but it did give both players an edge for shooting players through walls and/or flooring.

Several NJ admins were on monitoring this so I am just going to attach the screenshots I manage to take in the hopes to just support whatever evidence they were gathering. Rather than going into detail on each picture, I just explained the pic via each pic's filename.

Props to Net Jam for running a great server and for really taking the time to collect evidence and not jump the gun on suspected hackers. In a couple of the shots, I followed one of the EDP players around and am 100% convinced they were using a hack that could bypass the UAV Jammer. In all the pics from their kill cam POV, I had taken intentional pains to use a kit with UAV jammer, dead silence, and silencer so that I was basically invisible to radar at all times. The best screenshot in my opinion is the one where I was standing on the other side of a hole in the floor and had been there for a while. There's NO way the EDP player would just know that I was there - I consider it a 'rare' spot to camp in.

Thanks again for running such a sweet server, and just being nice to all the regular players. See you all in there!

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Hi Turbo, thanks for the screenshots.
Myself and another admin were watching them for a while, recording evidence. One of them was obviously wall hacking, but the other was being more careful. The obvious hacker was banned, but as soon as we banned him/her, the other disappeared, so it's likely that they shared the same key.
Either way, they have been removed from the server.
Thanks for your vigilance.
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