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Banned (Quake)


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I Have been Banned For Accused Wall Hacking. I have been on this server for about 3-4 days straight and have never used such a thing. i play this game for the fun and enjoyment not too hack the game. if i were too be hacking then i wouldn't of had a negative KD in that game. i was approximately 9-13 or something. and then poof banned for wall hacking. when i scoped up on a sniper for a good 5 seconds and took one shot.. this is ridiculous, i would appreciate if you could unban The User Quake, because i find this server very enjoyable and free of hackers, unlike every other server, so i ask please don't take the privilege of playing on a great server away. Your Regards Quake
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Quake, I have banned you as I suspected you of following players through walls and killing enemy over a very long distance through closed balcony very accurately. I have recorded it and will ask other admins have a second opinion. We will revert within the next day on this appeal. It is not ridiculous as you agree to keep it clean here. If I have banned you not rightfully we will un-ban you, but I need a second opinion. Regards, Terror
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