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The game you've posted is a game made by Glu. Games made by Glu and GameLoft in general gets difficult as the game proceeds. I have to admit these two mobile-game companies do make good games; however, due to horrible customer service most games die out.

They make games as fast as they can, and once they do. They will advertise to the max to get new players in, in the beginning everything is excellent. As time goes by (2~3months) the developing team puts their hands down on that game. Meaning no new updates nor bug fixes in the game.
The longest Glu game I've played was Gun Bros and Gun Bros 2. ( No Salad) As I've said, the game gets so difficult later that you will have to buy in-app merchandise to proceed on.

I've quit playing any games made by Glu or Gameloft.

Current game I do play is None... Only need COD4 with me... yet...the connection always fail me..

Don't quote my quotes!

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