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We will be hosting a PropHunt night here very soon, and in an effort to have everyone make it we're planning it wayyyyyy in advance. This will serve as a "this time/day won't for me" thread.

So keeping in mind that this will be sometime here mid-to-late September, what day or time would exclude you from attending? (All times need to be in PDT.)

Here's an easy tool for converting times.


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I will most likely not be able to attend this as I will be having my school periods most likely as I am from China, or either I will be sleeping then. Otherwise, you will all have to stay up real late to catch the same time as me, which I really won't want to see. I wish you all the best in the games, and most important of all, have great fun. Thanks for sharing the information with us on the RE site, Gryphus! Appreciate it all. Happy gaming!


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